Website Redesign with Elementor

I finally launched a new design for my personal blog. What started many years ago as just a place to post my personal contact information and rants about my life and work has sat stagnant for years at time in some instances.

Recently, due to some changes in WordPress (the release of Gutenberg blocks) and enhancements in page builders like Divi and Elementor, we have started to use page builders to speed our WordPress development projects. These page builders work especially well for less complex sites that do not require custom plugins and development (like this one).

While our team has been working on these, I have been tinkering with them to stay current with the latest trends. I found that I liked the interface, functionality and speed of Elementor. To better understand how the Theme Builder worked in Elementor I decided to create a custom theme for this site. It might not be perfect, but it is my own and it taught me many new ways of adding content and building web pages.

Old new