Testing out MainWP

We have been managing multiple WordPress websites for many years now. We have tried different tools over the years and new ones continue to evolve {insert list of tools here}. However we have settled on ManageWP for it was one of the first professional tools to offer a full suite of functions to handle everything needed for maintenance and updates of multiple WordPress installations across various hosting platforms.

I first heard of MainWP at a local WordCamp (I believe they were sponsors at WordCamp Orlando 2015). Today I am going to take their platform for a test run. All of the WordPress management services claim to do everything you need, but some of them do not do it correctly while some do not even work at all. I do recall going through growing pains with ManageWP while they could not get the sync to work correctly with Godaddy servers for a few weeks, but that was several years ago and has been corrected ever since.

So here we go with MainWP.

A few minutes on their website it was evident that the install would be simple and setup very similar to that of ManageWP. Although ManageWP is a hosted solution and MainWP would require us to use our own WordPress installation to host the dashboard plugin.

I created a new WordPress installation on WPengine (my favorite hosting platform) and was up and running in a few minutes with a clean install. I then downloaded the MainWP Dashboard plugin from the WordPress repository and activated it. From there I was guided through some basic settings and prompted to add my first site.

MainWP Plugins
A quick search for MainWP brought up the necessary plugins

To add my first site, I choose a test site that I periodically use as a sandbox. I logged into the dashboard (through ManageWP, as I always have the past several years) and installed the MainWP Child plugin. Once activated, I went back to my Dashboard and added the new site. You are prompted to do this quickly as it does pose a slight security hole if you leave the plugin activated and not connected. But this is the same process as ManageWP and works just fine. Once connected I could see everything that I needed in my dashboard.

Stay tuned for my next post as I go through the MainWP Dashboard…