Testing the new updates from WordPress 3.9 “Smith”

I just updated to the latest version of WordPress v3.9, titled “Smith”, in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith.

It seems from the notes on the WordPress.org site that the majority of visual updates (those most visible to users and non-developers) are focused on the visual editor and the media gallery.

The editor is faster, more accessible and supposedly even allows you to paste directly from Word without having to strip and remove formatting. (We will test this later).

In the meantime. Lets check out the new image editor by adding some photos to our post and seeing how the cool new image editing functions work, as well as the new image gallery options.

Bass GuitarWell that was pretty easy. I was able to add a new photo, resize, crop and rotate all within the editor. Not sure if I would have preferred Photoshop or not, but for those without the resource or the knowledge, it definitely helps to make quick image edits right within your WordPress site than having to use some other program that you are unfamiliar with.

Next post I will have to try and setup a gallery….