Setting New Health Goals

Last year I was in the best health I can remember. I was probably in better shape physically then I had been in at least 20 years. Maybe even longer, considering that in my 20’s I had a few vices that were more harmful which no longer affect me.
Since July 2016, I have slowly let myself enjoy some of the pleasures of food and drink a bit more than I should. As I get older, it becomes more difficult to maintain a healthy body weight and strong heart. I still exercise daily, which is critical, even if not with the intensity that I should, but my diet needs a reboot.

Back in December 2016, I realized that I had gained some weight. While not drastic I was 210 lbs. At 6’2″ this is not a critical weight by any means, but I am rather slim and lean. My weight goes to my belly and chin. I decided, during the holidays, that I wanted to get back to a reasonable 200 lbs. (Yeah right).

So the holiday season passes and I still hover at 210. I have actually stayed in this range for the entire spring, even going to 213 lbs. at the tipping point.

I am currently at 205 lbs. and have stayed consistently here for the last 3 weeks (between 203 lbs. and 206 lbs.) I have now decided that my goal is a healthy 195 lbs. and I plan to be there in 2 weeks. I know it can be done with some quick diet changes. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted.

Photo credit from Freepik