The Psychology of Color in Web Design

This past January I attended my first industry conference of the year (NMX 2014). While there were many great takeaways from the weekend event (more on that later), I wanted to make sure and not forget certain key points. I used a combination of browser tabs, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, and even umm… pen and paper.

So now, as weeks have gone by and I still have tabs open in my browser on my laptop because I want to read an article or not lose a reference, I am finally documenting one of the posts referenced by an excellent presentation by Michael Hyatt: 5 Elements of a Personal Brand

He discussed the use of color and psychology and referenced an excellent article by which includes usage of color in web design. While I do not necessarily adhere to all of the ideas presented in this article and will easily find fault in some of them, I still consider the article excellent. It is excellent because it is written and I can reference it, for better or worse.

I cannot stress how many times we discuss colors with clients and I take it for granted that they will understand the influence of one color vs. another or a contrast or different effect.

This article provides a simple reference point for me and anyone else to jump into the conversation. No need to go through a formal dissertation on color theory, just read a short blog post and move forward.

After this, if we want to continue to discuss color, we can talk all day, but at least we have some idea that we are speaking the same language.