Learning Something New

I seem to really lag on my blog posts, so I am going to start filling up with some smaller posts in between more researched and meaningful rants. This one in particular, as I am starting off on a new journey.

I have decided to begin learning data analysis. For years I have used Google Analytics but never digging deep into the data. I generally tend to look at small surface data such as referral sources or landing pages. Maybe following site flow after a marketing campaign (one that is tagged properly). Considering that my primary client base is made up of many small clients (as appossed to a few large clients) I tend not to have significant amounts of data to analyze. Nor do I have the clients that value this analysis. I want to do more.

After reviewing several online courses I have decided to start the Udacity Business Analyst Nanodegree program (formerly known as the Predictive Analysis for Business). This is a great introductory program which teaches skills for data analysis as well as new tools such as Altreyx and Tableau, which are in high demand at the current moment.

While the Udacity course is structured and they schedule milestones for you, it is done at your own pace, which I like as I can continue to work uninterrupted while still completing my objectives. I also found an additional great introductory course from Future Learn. Data to Insight is the the University of Auckland New Zealand. It is a true introductory course and is an excellent companion to the more rigourous Udacity class. Also the Data to Insight class is an 8 week program and the instructors (and students) expect you to stay on track. The principles and lessons learned overlap each other and I am very much looking forward to progressing through both of these classes in the coming weeks.
Photo credit from Freepik