Hoxsey Diet Support BBPress Forums

We launched our first bbPress website yesterday. www.HoxseyDietSupport.org is a forum for individuals who are seeking treatment at the Hoxsey Biomedical Center in Tijuana, Mexico and are looking for more information to assist with dietary restrictions.

bbPress has long been on my list of plugins to test for WordPress. I was have always been drawn to the idea of implementing a forum on my favorite CMS and integration using bbPress is practically seamless, compared with other solutions like PHPBB or Vbulletin or possibly one of the other forum plugins available in the WordPress repository.

Although the support for bbPress over the years has ebbed and flowed (like most plugins) at least it is still being supported and testing it on a non-critical site makes the most sense for me at this point.

As of today the site is live and running but we still have many features to add. For starters, we need to customize the dashboard for users. I am not sure why, but our favorite SEO plugin has to put a widget on the dashboard and it shows up for the subscribers and participant roles. It looks like we will have to add some functions to remove this from the page since the users of the forum do not care about SEO. Also on our list is finding a good plugin to allow for forum participants to upload images. We are looking at GD bbPress Attachments right now as it seems that it will allow for other file types and give us the control and security we need.

So far I am really liking working with bbPress. Only time will tell if it will be the effective tool we need to provide the support we are looking for to help disseminate information about the holistic treatment of the Hoxsey Tonic. I will have to see as the forum gains usage.

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