Getting Started with Heat Maps

So I finally decided to try using heat maps to gain some insights into my clients website conversions (and some of my own).

For those that don’t know, Heat Maps are visual representations of data points on a matrix. In terms of a website these are generally used in mapping movements of a users eye (which is complex and expensive to implement) or more recently movements and clicks of a mouse or scroll of a page. Using an overlay on top of a web page, a heat map can show the “hot spots” where users are actually clicking on the page (whether there is a link there or not). Heat maps are a fantastic tool to assist with conversion rate optimization and can assist in making educated design decisions based on real data.

Heat maps have intrigued me for some time and I have been skeptical of their usefulness. But over the past few years they have become more advanced & easier to use and at the same time, the industry standard, Google Analytics, has become more and more complex.

I have decided to start my trial of today and setup several sites with a snapshot.

Sign up was a breeze and since I am using WordPress on my websites, I just installed the crazyegg plugin and was up and running in less than 30 minutes with several websites homepage’s being tracked.

Now we just have to wait and see what the data will bring over the next 30 days.