sitemap created

Well we completed the sitemap last week.

South Florida Web Studio screenshot
Our Drupal website homepage from 2010 – 2013

We wanted to stay somewhat true to what already exists. Due to time¬†constraints¬†we did want to re-invent the wheel so we made some minor changes and it is now off to the designers to work some magic. The new layout will place more emphasis on the blog content (which will be updated more frequently thanks to WordPress) and we will also have a rotating slider which we can use to feature new content and other elements of our website. We are going to stay with the same basic look, probably change the font (I’m thing droid sans at this point). But overall with a dark text on a light background. The site should have a very clean, open and corporate feel to it.

Planning a new redesign for

I have been working on the idea of a redesign for our company website since mid 2012.

At the beginning of 2011 we commited to begin working exclusively with WordPress and while our existing website at was built on Drupal, it was not in the plans to switch right away. There were too many technical considerations to do a quick change and we also wanted to launch with a graphical redesign as well.

Well at some point in 2012, we realized that we had become a WordPress shop and should probably represent ourselves properly with our own website. Afterall, prior to 2009 we had a static company website and a WordPress blog, which was then all converted into Drupal. So as we stay busy with client project throughout 2012, we approach November and I decide to actively begin working on the South Florida Web Studio re-design.

My beginning starts with:

  • An evernote notebook for the project
  • Some preliminary brainstorming
  • Some weekend research looking at other competitor and agency websites
  • A simple homepage wireframe (created with bamboo paper app on the Ipad)

And then back to work on client projects.

Now as we approach mid April 2013, almost 5 months have passed and we are no closer to updating our own site. Not that the site’s content hasn’t been updated. Just the design and the backend. It is such a task to blog and post on Drupal that I know if our site was on WordPress we would update much more often.

Hell it was even easier to create this new blog and start posting here than it is to post on our existing company site.

At this point, we are committed to the task, and even if we do not go through the whole graphical re-design, the conversion to WordPress will happen. We have created a formal job in our system and I am going to setup a basecamp project to make it official. No more procrastinating, I’m off to create a real wireframe.