4 skills to be a successful web designer

After 20 years in the web industry, you go through many different types of projects and you learn a thing or two about what makes a successful web design project. We all know what is really important but that is not necessarily where we spend our time. Below is a breakdown of the skills needed to be a successful web designer:

  1. Documentation – Creating a proper business requirements document (BRD), Scope Of Work (SOW), Sitemap & Wireframes are critical to a successful project and should never be overlooked. This is the ‘blueprint’ for your masterpiece. These documents create the guidelines or you to design and build.
  2. Design – Layout, color, spacing, font styles, along with your photoshop skills and image manipulation can set you apart from your competition
  3. Code – You must be a master of HTML, CSS and javascript. Some additional coding doesn’t hurt either (maybe some PHP, Python, Ruby, or even .NET can be helpful for larger projects)
  4. Communication – Knowing how to communicate with your customers is critical. You may have an excellent and efficient way to coordinate with your team on Slack or in Basecamp, but if you have trouble getting your message across to your client via email, telephone or even (god forbid) in person, you can have a big problem on your plate no matter how talented you are in the other 3 areas.

Even with all 4 of these skills mastered, after 20 years in the internet industry, this is how I spend my time on any average day…

web design skills chart