New Project For Legal Industry

Building websites and WordPress projects for clients has its privileges. I learn many new lessons on a daily basis. I am able to experiment with many different types of plugins, themes and code. Every project has a different mix of code and technology that we use and as we design, I am always thinking of other ways to utilize the knowledge gained.

While I do enjoy working on client projects, it is always fun to be able to create my own designs without restraints of client business specifications or requirements. I am excited to start on a new project this month and will be focusing a new effort to provide a web application specifically for law firms, attorneys and legal professionals. The first (beta) version of will target startup law firms and even graduating law school students. Shortly thereafter, we will expand our market to include re-designs of existing lawyer websites and small firms. Finally, will also cater to the larger and growing law firms, to offer a platform that can be easy to use for a sole practitioner as well as a global firm with hundreds of attorneys and thousands of employees. It will be a custom website builder, powered by WordPress specifically for the legal industry.

Our mission is clear and our documentation is in process. Proper documentation is key to any successful web project. We started on the logo a few weeks ago and finalized it last week. The primary marketing website is in process and we should have more than just a landing page setup within the next two weeks.

Our new project for lawyer websites will begin development in the next few weeks and the first phase will be completed by the end of July. I am looking forward to helping promote the small law firms and start-up attorneys that need a simple, quick and affordable solution without having to compromise on quality.

I have several other internal projects that are in the works as well. Some that I am very excited to write about, but that will be for another day. In the meantime, it’s back to client work.

The 1 Reason I am Staying with ManageWP

There is no question about it. After testing MainWP for several months, we are sticking with ManageWP for our professional WordPress management solution. Maybe it is the learning curve, but I highly doubt it. I just like the polish that comes with ManageWP over the raw bones approach of MainWP.

ManageWP Screen Capture
ManageWP makes it easy to get a macro view of all my sites

It is not that it doesn’t work, but it is just much easier to get a full overview of what needs my attention in ManageWP. Even with their forthcoming new design (titled Orion), which I will have to spend some hours to learn the nuances of, I still prefer the attention to detail and the overall simplicity. ManageWP makes it much easier to get an overview of my sites that need updates (or which plugins or themes need updates) from a macro view of 50+ website more efficiently than MainWP does for the 5 that I was testing.


MainWP Screen Capture
MainWP requires a few more clicks to complete similar tasks and takes longer.

So what is the #1 reason that I am going to continue to use ManageWP? Efficiency and simplicity of the interface. I can get more work completed faster and that is the most important distinguishing factor between the two programs.

Feel free to take ManageWP for a test drive and use my affiliate link. I do not recommend software that I do not believe in.