This is my digital life where I get to rant about whatever I feel at the moment. If you came here looking for help, I hope you have found it. Feel free to contact me on social or read more about me.

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Steven Alig homepage screenshot

Website Redesign with Elementor

I finally launched a new design for my personal blog. What started many years ago as just a place to post my personal contact information and rants about my life and work has sat stagnant for years

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Wordcamp Miami Volunteers

Going to WordCamp Miami 2019

Quick update as I am about to head out the door to WCMIA 2019 at FIU in Doral, FL. It has been quite a while since I have even visited this site, much less post anything.

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Scale on wood floor

Setting New Health Goals

Last year I was in the best health I can remember. I was probably in better shape physically then I had been in at least 20 years. Maybe even longer, considering that in my 20’s I had

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